Best 2018 Web Analytics Tools: Alternatives to Google Analytics

Every business is now a publisher and it’s important to understand how the content you publish reaches its audience.

A good analytics tool can deliver a wealth of information about new and existing visitors, referrals, bounce rates and visitor statistics in real time (just to name a few).

For many companies, Google Analytics (GA) is the first analysis tool you can think of. It is easy to use, free (to a degree) and is supported by a large number of users.

The basic hosting package is free until you have more than 20 custom indicators and no more than 200 bookings per site. If you upgrade to the Premium package, you can take advantage of many useful third-party integrations and unlimited data.

However, there are many tools for analysis. In this article, we select the best web analytics tools.

If you’re looking for a business intelligence and data collection tool, Zap is a smart choice. Zap Data Hub provides data analysis for any business or team goal you define.

Zap is aimed at companies. So if you run a small business, go to the next slide. With enterprise-wide data management, you can integrate various applications such as Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and other ERP and CRM applications.

The dashboard is pretty intuitive and beautiful.

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