Why culture more than technology will guide the workplace of the future result of IDG research

CIO UK and its sister company, Computerworld UK, launched a joint Summit Workplace study at IOC Summit 2018 last week. This is the first in a series of research that we hope will benefit DSI and the UK IT community.

The research is full of information on the UK IT community thinking about the workplace of tomorrow, but it largely confirms the words of our IOC Steering Committee: The workplace of tomorrow is culture, cooperation and flexibility. like with new catchy technologies. For example, 80% of respondents indicated that greater flexibility was needed for recruiting talent at the workplace of the future.

We interviewed more than 200 senior IT professionals. We’ve divided the research into six main chapters, from understanding the term “workplace of the future” to the influence of technology, the person responsible, and how to generate real value.

Of course, no workplace would be complete for future research without the big questions about artificial intelligence and its impact on the workforce. We found that 80% of respondents felt that artificial intelligence and robotics would diminish the role of people in the workplace of tomorrow, but only 6% felt that increased automation led to job losses being a “major concern”. ,

This brings us to our next research project entitled Making Artificial Intelligence a Business Reality. We will see where we are now at the AI ​​and where we are going, and how the key leaders tackle some of the technological challenges, such as: capacity constraints, potential system distortions, ethics and training systems. IA for business data.

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