The most notable technological achievements of 2018

Last year it was barely a blockbuster for mergers and acquisitions of technology. Cisco has bought AppDynamics for $ 3.7 billion, Yahoo’s acquisition by Apple and Verizon, and the acquisition of the successful British history of Shazam, one of the few stores worth moving. ,

What will happen in 2018? Deloitte estimates that technology acquisition in the Mergers & Acquisitions Trends (pdf) report for the year is now the main driver of M & A activity. Add to that the fact that Apple, the most valuable company in the world, wants to spend part of its huge $ 250 billion bankroll this year. Keep an eye out for our start-up companies to find potential IPO candidates that may come onto the market.

DocuSign acquired July-based software company SpingCM for $ 220 million. The vendor specializes in document generation and contract lifecycle management software, two features that DocuSign will soon make available to a broad clientele.

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